Artificial Intelligence: in search of ‘Robo Sapiens’

Robo sapiens

Artificial intelligence: in search of ‘Robo Sapiens’ If artificial intelligence were the history of aeronautics, it could be said that we are in the 30s: we already passed through the birth of the first airship and the motorized flight of the Wright brothers; we founded the first airline and circumnavigated the …

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Oppo R9 Plus Release Date, Specification, Price

Oppo R9 Plus

Oppo R9 Plus Oppo is a well-known brand from China and known for its innovation and manufacturing the high-end devices at marginally low cost situated in Guangdong, China. Oppo R9 Plus release date – Dec 2016 . The smartphone accompanies a 6-inch full HD touchscreen with 1080 pixels by 1920 …

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Oppo R9 Review, Price, Specification, Release Date

Oppo R9 Review

Oppo R9 Review Howdy readers!The designs of the previous phones of oppo were absolutely gorgeous, Oppo R9 which is known as F1 plus in some countries does look like Apple’s iPhone 6. It’s offering some great specifications which are definitely tempting. So how good it performs in other aspects? It’s …

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MacBook Pro 2016 Review, Price, Features

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Review  The Most anticipated MacBook pro-2016 is here, Apple believes it reinvented its MacBook once more, with the new MacBook Pro-2016. Is a strip of touchscreen tore straight from the domain of smartphones, alongside a couple of more standard updates, enough to legitimize the touch pad’s stunning …

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A Brief History of Antivirus for Mac

History of Antivirus for Mac

A Brief History of Antivirus for Mac Thanks to some savvy advertising, many people erroneously believe that Macs are totally safe and no malware affects it. Claims of being virus-free are technically correct right now, but that does not mean that modern Macs are not afflicted with many other types …

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