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Airtel Takes on Reliance JIO, Airtel Offer 3 Months of Unlimited 4G Data at Just 1494

Airtel Takes on Reliance JIO 4G, Airtel Offer 3 Months of Unlimited 4G Data at Just 1494

The whole Telecom industry is stunned because of Reliance Jio, the major telecom players like Bharti Airtel, Idea, Vodafone are facing huge loss in their business because most of their customers switched to Reliance jio. That’s because they are getting unlimited free 4g internet until 31st December 2016. To compete with Reliance Jio, The largest telecom company Bharti Airtel has launched a new data pack, especially for 4G handsets.

Latest Airtel 4G Unlimited Data Plan At Just Rs.1494

On Friday, Airtel India has announced a special data package which offers unlimited data for 4G consumers for 90 days which comes with an affordable price tag. For new airtel users, the pack will be available at Rs 1494, and the existing can avail the pack at Rs 1495. Effectively the cost per GB brings down to Rs 50/Gb to compete with Reliance Jio tariff plans. Only people with 4G handsets can avail this pack; it won’t be working on other handsets.

The company also said that “fair usage policy will be applicable on the data pack” which means the user can avail high speed internet up to 30 GB only over 90 days, once the 30 GB limit exhausts, still the user would be able to access the internet with 2G speed. In a statement Ajai Puri ( Director operations of Inda and South Asia) said that “Customers with 4G handsets generally consume significant amounts of data, and this proposition is specifically aimed at them. With this pack, these customers can stay online round the clock without having to worry about exhausting their data limits or going for frequent recharges”.

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Airtel Takes on Reliance JIO
Airtel Takes on Reliance JIO

Latest Airtel 4G Unlimited Data Plans Availability Cities and T&C

This Special Internet package is available only in Delhi as of now, and later on, the pack will be launched in other states also. If you are just a casual user and hardly uses a GB per day, then avoiding this pack is good. This particular internet pack is best for heavy data consumers. Once again we’ve  wanted to remind you that, only 4G handsets can use this pack. If you are using a 3G handset, ignoring this offer will be better.

Why Airtel Provide Unlimited 4G Data in Just Rs. 1494

The main competitor of every telecom company is Reliance Jio, Which launched it’s commercial tariff plans on September 05 and has promised the users that they will be able to use unlimited high-speed data and unlimited voice calls until December 2016 with a daily cap of 4Gb/day on 4G internet usage under welcome offer.

On 42nd annual meeting at Reliance Industries, the head Mukesh Ambani has said that the cost of data should be affordable, and JIo’s data costs will bring down to 50rs per GB from the prevailing market rate of Rs 150-250. To ward off the threat, the telecom giant companies such as Vodafone, Idea, Bharti Airtel have slashed down their prices to attract the lost customers, and introducing many promotional offers and schemes to get new customers. The whole telecom industry is heated up and by the next year maybe they’ll add new competitive plans at an affordable price.

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