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Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Rumours, Price, Design, and Specs

Apple IPhone 8 Release Date, Rumours, Price, Design, and Specs

Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, and they have changed the era of iPhones in the smartphone market. So, now it will be ten years when they will launch the iPhone 8. When the iPhone 7 was launched, it was not that much exciting as there were no such incremental updates took place. But, iPhone 8 will fix some of the battery issues faced in iPhone 7 and few more updates which will take Apple iPhone 8 ahead of its competitors.

So, there are many speculations done in the market about the iPhone 8, but we can only come to know what will be special in iPhone 8 after it is launched in the market.

Apple iPhone 8 will be launched somewhere in September 2017, but there are rumours that the launch of iPhone 8 will be delayed due to the issues faced in the TouchID sensor. But, certainly, the iPhone 8 will be the best of its flagship as it is going to be marked the success of iPhones. Apple will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with the launch of iPhone 8.

Like iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, iPhone 8 will also come in two different sizes. One is iPhone 8, and another one will be iPhone 8 plus, which will be a bit bigger in the size of iPhone 8. But, there are many speculations in the features of the iPhone, so we have some source of information about the design and specs of the iPhone which we will share in the article below, but the news is almost confirmed that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus will be the best iPhone of its flagship.

Apple Iphone 8 Images
Apple Iphone 8 Images

iPhone 8 Release Date

There are many speculations done by the experts that when the iPhone 8 will be launched for the consumers in the market. But, if we try to figure the pattern out of its earlier reveal and release dates then we can expect that September 12 or September 13 can be the iPhone 8 reveal date and September 22 or September 23 can be the iPhone 8 release dates.

Since this is just a calculation so we cannot say firmly when is iPhone 8 coming out? Also, there are few rumours of the delay in the launch of iPhone 8. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has dismissed all the rumours of the shortage of the supply of the iPhone’s in the market. But, yes there are few testing’s which is going on before the iPhone is launched in the market for the consumers. Since the final round of testing is not done so we cannot say that the iPhones have gone under manufacturing or not.

So, you have to wait for the iPhone 8 release dates.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date in India

iPhone 8 release date in India is somewhere in September 2017. If we try to watch the pattern carefully, then the Apple is always launching their iPhones in September across the globe. So, September 2017 will be the iPhone 8 Release Date in India.

For the Indian customers, it can be one of the special iPhones with the wireless charging rumoured iPhone 8. If they pull out such design and specs in the Apple iPhone 8, then it can be the one of the best-selling iPhones in India. Also, this time the manufacturing of the iPhone 8 for the iPhone 8 consumers will be done in India, so the price and other factors will also change for the iPhone 8.

The Indian customers are waiting for the reveal and release dates of the iPhone 8.

Advance Booking of iPhone 8

The widely rumoured Apple iPhone 8 with three display sizes: 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch, and 5.8-inch models will be available for pre-orders in September, but the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 deliveries will only begin several weeks later. The delay is because of the issue in the 3D sensing technology, but this is not the first time that the iPhone deliveries are delayed. The same issue happened with the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black.

There are several data points captured to confirm the deliveries of the iPhone 8, but yes the advance booking of Apple iPhone 8 will start somewhere in September 2017, and the deliveries will be done several weeks later. The situation can only improve in April 2018.

iPhone 8 Rumours

There are several rumours heard for the Apple  iPhone 8 in past few days

Apple’s iPhone 8 will received the “Copper Gold” or the “Blush Gold” color in the new addition of the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 will come in three different sizes which are 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch, and the 5.8-inch.

Another interesting rumour about the iPhone 8 is the name of the iPhone 8. People have speculated a lot of names for the iPhone 8 because it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone sale for the Apple, which is a special milestone for the Apple Inc.

The Release Date of the iPhone 8 is rumoured a lot because people are waiting for the iPhone 8 eagerly. Since the iPhone 7 didn’t receive any special upgrades; people are expecting iPhone 8 will come with the whole new design of the iPhone 8.

It is alleged that the iPhone 8 will ditch the metal body and come up with the glass body in order to support the wireless charging concept.

The iPhone 8 might receive the curved OLED display, which can be a significant upgrade for the iPhone 8 users. Since the LCD display requires the backlight to charge the pixels, but in case of OLED display the pixels are charged when necessary.

The rumours are that the Home Button will be ditched in the iPhone 8 and 3D sensing face recognition feature will be introduced in the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Price

Since there are speculations about the iPhone 8; obviously there will be speculations about the price of iPhone 8 too. The entry level price of the iPhone 8 is expected to be approx to $599, but it might rise up to $1000 depending upon the pieces available in the market and people who would like to upgrade their iPhones.

iPhone 8 Price in India

The iPhone 8 Price in India will be close to Rs. 62,000. The 64GB variant of iPhone 8 will be available in the Indian market at the flat price of Rs. 62,000. The iPhone will be available in Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Jet Black colors and the price is same for all the colors. If you increase the internal storage, then the price will also go high.

iPhone 8 Features

If we try to depict the changes, then we can see that the handset’s screen-to-body ratio will be changed. The ratio describes that the screen of the phone will be completely occupied by the display. This feature was used by the LG and then followed by Samsung.

To occupy the entire screen for the display, the TouchID sensor has to be removed and the face recognition 3D sensors have to be added, to occupy the entire screen for the display. Also, there are dummy versions of the iPhone 8 available with a glass back which can be used for the wireless charging and a dual camera.

Another interesting feature can be the “Blush Gold” color of the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Specs

Let’s have a detailed view on the specs of the iPhone 8


The big news is that the Apple is going to use the OLED display on the Apple iPhone 8. They have the conventional LCD panels on the iPhone, but unlike LCD plans the OLED screen produces their own lights. So, now your screen will not need the saving power and backlight.

Reportedly, Apple will launch the iPhone 8 in three different sizes: 4.7-inches, 5.5-inches, and 5.8-inches. The speculation is that all the three models of the iPhone will get the new screen, but the iPhone 8 will only get the OLED upgrade. Since the Home Button will be absent in the iPhone 8, the speculation is that the bottom of the iPhone 8 will be used for some other functions.

This new display function area at the bottom can provide the custom controls to the users depending upon the app the customer is using. Also, there is a talk that apple can use the iPad Pro’s ambient light-adjusting True Tone display, to display the True Color.


Apple is likely to introduce a new system-on-chip (SoC) for the iPhone 8. In all the iPhones they released, they have used a new processor chip. The Apple iPhone 7 runs on the A10 Fusion chip, so the iPhone 8 will use the new SoC may be the new A11 processor.

There are the reports that the Taiwan’s TSMC has won the contract to build the new chip on a 10nm FinFET manufacturing process. The production of the chip has already started. If you are unaware of the 10nm chip, then let me tell you that it describes the manufacturing process of the chip. If the number is lower, then it means the transistors are more closely packed in the chip. Transistors allow the device to complete the computing if more transistors then the device can finish more computing simultaneously. Eventually, this means that you can increase the power efficiency.


If we take a deep dive on the Camera, then it is believed that Apple will carry forward their dual-lens camera of the Apple iPhone 7 plus to iPhone 8. But, it is not sure that this carry forward will be only for the few selected models or the complete range of the iPhone 8. The only change noticed is that the both the lenses of the camera will receive optical istabilizationation. Also, it is expected to use a “revolutionary” front camera which features 3D-sensing capabilities. This feature can be used to locate the depth and location of the objects in the 3D space.

Apple has formed the team of the software and hardware veterans with the expertise in the augmented reality. The interesting feature is that you can take the picture and then you can change the depth of the specific pictures later. You can isolate the object in the image. So, the iPhone camera features will rely on the depth sensing technology and use the algorithms created by the PrimeSense.


There are huge speculations that Apple might add Wireless charging in the Apple iPhone 8 finally. The Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium back in February and WPC is developing the Qi wireless charging standard for iPhone 8. There are also rumoured that the iPhone 8 will receive the glass body which makes the news of wireless charging more likely. But, the glass body will only be received by few models of the iPhone 8.

But, the latest news is that the wireless charging may not be available for the iPhone 8 immediately. But, inductive charging accessories will be sold separately rather in the standard box.

Another speculation is that Apple might remove the Lightning port of USB – C. But, it is speculated that the USB – A portion of the charging cable will be replaced by the USB – C, whereas the other end will remain as the Lightning Connector.


Apple has showcased the latest version of its operating system: iOS 11. But, there is no proper release date confirmed for the iOS 11. So, it is guaranteed that the Apple iPhone 8 will run on the iOS 11 version.

It clearly states that with the iOS 11, the iPhone 8 will receive plenty of upgrades. The iMessages will be upgraded and the apps and stickers will be upgraded. The Sirir will receive the new voice, and the lifelike feature will be added in the new version of the iPhone operating system.

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