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Google Launched it’s New Product Called DayDream View at 79 dollar

Google Launched it’s New Product Called Google DayDream View at 79 Dollar

Google DayDream VR Headset
Google DayDream VR Headset

It’s all reasonable nowadays that virtual reality is assuming to taking control over the world with astonishing innovation. As there is rapid growth in various individuals who use VR, Tech giant google presented its own Virtual reality module With another Pixel phone and the $80 Daydream View headset which is affordable and best in class virtual reality headset, and you can easily assume Google may have created the most comfortable, coolest-watching VR experience out there.

Google Daydream View is a VR headset and controller by Google that gives you a chance to explore new worlds, kick back in your own VR cinema, and play high-end games that put you at the focal point of activity.

Google Daydream Price

Google’s new Daydream View is affordable for just 79$ and is made of lightweight plastic and a delicate, malleable texture, it is a huge step up from the unstable Cardboard phone holder which of course is not comfortable to wear. The VR is packed with a wireless controller by which you can interact with the virtual world with the help of buttons.

Google Daydream Review

As such, there are just a few modest bunch of companies producing VR and most the companies provide 360-degree experiences, and also there are less number of games too, however Google said more than 50 will be available soon before the end of 2016.

While we were putting it on, the main thing you see is a drop down menu of tile choices. Still, with just a strap around the back of your head, and no support on top, the Daydream View felt like it could slide off, particularly on the off chance that you whipped your head suddenly, we felt it could’ve been better in terms of design.

Google said significant Mobile device makers have agreed to make Daydream-compatible phones before the year’s end and those phones will work with Daydream View also without any problems.

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So are you impressed with the daydream view? let us know your opinions regarding the products, pricing and other things in the comment section below. See you in our next articles.

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