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Google Is Developing An OS Called Google Fuchsia

Google Is Developing An OS Called Google Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia
Google Fuchsia

It looks like Google has started working on a new project which probably most of the people around don’t know. Google is working on a project called Fuchsia which is an open source operating system. One common thing exists among all the operating systems which Google created till the date. All their Operating system are based on Linux Kernel such as Chrome, Android, etc. But according to me, Linux is not suitable for every operating system.

So, this time, they won’t be using Linux Kernel in Fuchsia. Google might be working on their own this time. As per the rumors and sources, one thing I can is Fuchsia is packed with a lot of exciting features and functions. But the giant (Google) has not revealed any of its features of Fuchsia Operating System. I’ve gathered some information about Google Fuchsia from various websites from the Internet which I’m going to write in this article.

What Is Google Fuchsia

This is the most common questions asked by the users regarding Google Fuchsia. Some people think that it’s a third party related things, some people believe that it could be used to “unify” Chrome Os and Android which was rumored last year. Well, Fuchsia uses a Dart programming language, and it won’t be having Linux. Google is going create something different. Its a ‘core of basic coding which underpins Android and Chrome OS.’ You’ll be able to run Google Fuchsia on a computer as well as on an Android device. Probably it would be running on both ARM and Intel-based PCs.

Google Fuchsia Release Date

As per the reports, Fuchsia would be released in 2017. However, there’s no informative is available anywhere on the internet regarding the release month of Fuchsia. We firmly believe that the release dates will be announced in the January or February of 2017. We are just assuming that it release dates will be published at the start of 2017, So we might be wrong over here. Best thing I would recommend you to do is keep an eye on our website to know the updates regarding Fuchsia.

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Google Fuchsia – What else it could be?

It could be an another operating system just like Android. It might be replacing Android (least possibility) because Android has its own issues which Google has to fix it. Whenever Google releases any updates for Android, it takes around two or three years to flood the smartphone ecosystem fully.

Most likely Fuchsia would not be able to replace Android in next four or five years unless Google decides something big. Linux kernel is not only old but also struggling with some legal issues right now. And the licensing fees from Android OEM’s reduces the numbers in profit margins. A new operating system can get rid all of these problems; it could Fuchsia Or something else. All depends on the giant.

The hackers news users have also said that Fuchsia could be designed for Augmented Reality Interfaces. But let’s wait for the official updates and announcements from Google.

Final Words

So these were the information which I found useful to share with you guys, There’s a ton of content on fuchsia is available on the Internet, but I don’t see anything legit or valuable to include in this article.  So, guys, that’s all for now, if you have any information regarding Fuchsia to share then, please feel to comment it below. It would be very helpful if you could provide us the source from where you’ve got the info.


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