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Jio Phone, Book Jio Phone, Jio Phone price, Jio Phone booking date, Jio 4g Phone, Jio 4g Phone Release Date

Jio Phone, How to Book Jio Phone, Jio Phone price, Jio Phone booking date, Jio 4g Phone, Jio 4g Phone Release Date, Images, Buy Jio 4g Phone Online

Jio 4g Phone Release Date- 24th August 2017

Jio Phone, Book Jio Phone, Jio Phone price, Jio Phone booking date, Jio 4g Phone, Jio 4g Phone Release Date, Images
Jio 4g Phone Book

Jio 4g Phone-India was shaking by the announcement of the new Jio Phone on 21st July by Mukesh Ambani in their Annual General Meeting. Jio has achieved insane popularity as a network provider since its release on 5th September 2016. From ranking 154th, the Jio network has brought up India to first on mobile data user in the world. It has threatened the other service providers with its existence because of its low rates and offers for different packs. For a long time, India enjoyed free packs till Jio stopped it and introduced multiple packs which are still cheap and worth it compared to other network providers.

The Jio apps exclusive to Jio users have great features which one would not find easily at those rates. Besides these packages for mobile phones, Jio has also released 4G broadband services and the LYF smartphones. Jio has revolutionized the networking world making it accessible and affordable for all income groups. Now once again it has released another shocking but great news for the country when it announced their idea for the JioPhone. Another aim of theirs is to get rid of 2G and make 4G the new trend accessible to everyone.
Reliance Jio CPS

Jio Phone:

The surprisingly free phone with a small amount of deposit which will be refunded after 3 years has a lot of features. First of all the phone is cheap and it is accessible by people of all income groups. Generally, smart phones are expensive but the new Jio phone will change everything. The phone was labeled as “India ka Smartphone” and if it does provide everything that has been mentioned it will definitely be a turning point in the smartphone world in India. Some of its great features are:

  • It is a free phone. You just need to pay Rs 1500 as a deposit. Don’t worry, Reliance has promised to give back the full amount after 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • There is a free voice calling which means you have a lifetime free calling service.
  • There will be 4G VoLTE in all the phones. High-speed internet will be available.
  • Reliance offers a two day, weekly and monthly plan that is cheap and will save a lot of money for the features it offers compared to other telecom companies. The two-day plan costs Rs 24 with an offer of two days unlimited data and calling whereas the weekly plan will cost Rs 54 and will allow users to access a week of unlimited data and calling. On the other hand, the monthly plan will cost Rs 153 and you will get unlimited data pack, SMS pack along with free voice messages for a month. During the month users will get 500 MB usage per day.
  • Voice commands can also be used.
  • There is another great feature that has been introduced which is the Jio Cable TV. You can link your phone to your Cable TV using this pack. It comes at Rs 309 per month and you can watch long hours of video on the large screen. JioCable TV will act like a cable service provider which will allow you to stream anything on your TV. You can watch anything from videos to movies per day amounting to around 2 to 4 hours.
  • There are other features like the JioMusic, JioTV, JioCinema, NFC (Near Field Communication) and headphone jack. The NFC feature is a feature which will support digital payments online.

Jio 4G Phone Booking:

Jio 4G Phone Booking
Jio 4G Phone Booking

Although the launch announcement has been made, the phone is not yet available for booking and one might have to wait a month or two to book the Jio 4G phone( Jio 4g Phone Booking). According to some sources, booking will start only from 24th August and it is a first come first serve basis which is kind of similar to the tactic phone companies like Huawei have also used to sell their phones and that’s because the demand of this phone is very high so you need to book yours as soon as the booking process begins.  However, the difference would be that it would be easier to get the Jio Phones since it will be available for booking and purchase every week. Reliance will start production with a certain number of phones and will keep continuing to produce. Hence don’t worry even if you don’t get to pre order on 24th August itself. Reliance has produced the phone envisioning that all Indians have access to smartphones.

It’s a really great initiative taken by the Reliance group.  Therefore they will make enough for people all over India to access. Actually, Reliance will start selling some trial pieces of the phone on 15th August itself but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get your hands on it but if you do, great.


Jio Phone Specification:

The new Jio 4G phone will have the following specifications:

The entry level Jio phone will allow you to make unlimited voice calls and send messages. You’d have to pay Rs.153 per month for the internet though. Reliance has named this data pack “Dhan Dhana Dhan” as it’s a complete value for money and you get to use super fast internet on your phone and it’s not just about quality but quantity as well; you can use up to 500 MB of data per day. You can also get a cable with it which will allow you to connect your phone to your television set. To avail this service, you need to recharge your phone with Rs.309 every month.

The best part about the phone is that it supports 22 Indian languages which will allow more and more Indians to use this phone. Although the price of this phone is low, no compromises have been made with its features. You get an alphanumeric keypad, 2.4inch long screen, Torchlight, radio, a SD card slot. If you press the button number 5 on the phone for a few seconds, it will enable the panic button it. A thing worth noting is that you cannot access apps like Whatsapp on this app as of now, but sites like Facebook can be accessed through the browser.

Some key specs of the Jio 4G phone –

Processor: 1.2GHz quad core processor with 512 MB RAM

Camera: VGA Camera, 2 Megapixel

Display: 2.4 inch QVGA display

Screen Size: 2.40 inches

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels.

Memory: 4GB internal storage and expandable up to 128 GB.

Language: Supports regional languages in India (24 languages).

Battery: 2000mAh

Colour: Black


SIM type: Micro SIM

Other specs: Alphanumeric keypad, Torchlight, built in SOS button for emergencies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.



Jio Phone Release Date:

The new Jio phone will be available for booking from the (Jio 4g Phone Release Date) 24th August this year. However, on 15th August it will be available as a beta test. Hence it is like this; the phone will be released 15th August but will be available for pre order or pre-registration from 24th August(Jio Phone Release Date). Finally, the phones will reach the doorstep of the customers from September onwards. Since bookings will be on a first come first serve basis do stay alert for new updates and notifications. The best way would be to sign up for updates in the official website. More information has been mentioned in the later part of this article.

Jio Phone Price:

Jio Phone Price -The phone itself is free however there is a slight twist in it. You have to pay Rs 1500 in advance if you want the phone. But it is also ‘free’ because you can get your money back after 3 years. The company will use this money for caution and it is completely refundable. The initiative has been taken by the Reliance group to facilitate Indians with a phone with good features at a low cost or no cost at all as one can say. Usually, low-end phones don’t support VoLTE and because of that many Indians are devoid of 4G network but with the new Jio 4G phones this thing will change.

This competitive price will make other manufacturing and telecom companies revise their costs which again is in favor of the consumers. One thing that has to be noted is that the data is not free of cost on this phone. In fact, it is compulsory for all the buyers to subscribe to its Rs.153 per month data plan. So while buying the phone you’ll actually have to pay Rs.1653. Also since the amount of Rs.1500 is only refundable after 3 years of use, you’ll actually be spending Rs. 5508 in the course of 3 years. The cost will increase if you want the TV connection plan as well. If you choose the TV plan for 3 years, you will be spending Rs.11,124  additionally. As you can see, although the phone is claimed to be free, it’s not exactly free. It’d be better to call it ‘affordable’.


How to Book Jio Phone Online:

Sold by the idea of the new Jio 4G phone? You can pre-order it soon. It can be done through offline stores as well as online stores. The new Jio phone will be available for preorder in big online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. You can also book it Jio’s official page, MyJio app and Jio’s official offline stores.  The steps might be different depending on the websites but overall it will have similar methods of booking online. Here is how to book Jio phone online: ( Book Jio Phone Online )

  • Once the announcement for the official release is done, go to any of the online stores selling the phone.
  • If you haven’t registered in any of these websites it is better that you sign up before the time for selling comes. This will give you an upper hand of quickly pre ordering it since all your details will already be there. The signup process will take few minutes where you enter your personal details and shipping address.
  • Search for Jio 4G phone. You can search it when or after it is officially released. But another quicker way is to open the page at least 5 minutes before hand. An official countdown is usually done on the day of the release. These online retailers will put up a page for the phone but you cannot order it till it is officially released. However, you can wait for the countdown and immediately buy it or add it to your cart once the countdown finishes.
  • Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Here is where signing up in advance comes in handy. You just need to click on the already added address and then check out.
  • The last and final step is to choose the mode of payment. You can either pay it using your debit or credit cards. Cash on delivery might be available.

Jio 4G Phone Booking Official Site:

You can also book the new Jio phone from the official Jio website. If you pre-order the phone, you’ll be able to get it by September. Since the phones will be sold (first batch) on a first come first serve basis, it is important to keep an eye on the booking schedule. Currently, you can only sign up to be posting updates about the phone. Here is the link to the official website:


If you want to sign up for official updates, go through the following steps:

  • Once you enter the link given above, you will see a banner on Jio Phone.
  • On the banner, you will find a small button which says ‘Keep Me Posted’.
  • Click on that and it will direct you to another page which is titled ‘Register Interest’. This is where you will register for the updates.
  • The page will ask you for your details. Fill in your details- first and last name, email and phone number.
  • It is necessary that the “I accept terms & conditions” is checked before you proceed. Jio’s official site has already checked it in advance so that you don’t have to check the box again. However in a rare case that the box isn’t checked, click on the small box.
  • The next step is to click Submit and you are done. Once you do that, you have been registered for official updates. Hence you will get a notification or email when Reliance releases the phone for pre order or if they release any other information. If they send you a mail on the pre order link, you can immediately click on the link and then proceed towards pre-ordering. Do note that you cannot pre order now as the booking process has not yet begun.

Buy Jio 4g Phone Online

You Can You Jio 4g Phone Online from Jio Official Site – www.Jio.com

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