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Oppo R9 Review, Price, Specification, Release Date

Oppo R9 Review

Howdy readers!The designs of the previous phones of oppo were absolutely gorgeous, Oppo R9 which is known as F1 plus in some countries does look like Apple’s iPhone 6. It’s offering some great specifications which are definitely tempting. So how good it performs in other aspects? It’s time to find out. Without wasting any time let’s get started. In this review, I will try to cover all the things of this phone, so stay with me until the end.

Oppo R9 Review
Oppo R9 Review

Oppo R9 Design


As I said earlier that the design is quite similar to apple’s iPhone 6, actually the design somewhat technically more advanced than iPhone 6 in some ways. Oppo R9 is more than 6mm shorter and 0.7mm thinner than Apple. It looks like Oppo has found its ways to adjust the phone’s thickness and battery. Usually, the phones which are way more than thin will not have a good battery. Overall the design of the phone is simply awesome I say. Also, it feels like a premium phone in the hands.


One of the common complaints of an average user, they device is too bulky to hold. Oppo has managed well to sidestep that complaint.I personally liked the design and built quality of this phone. If you are someone who is mad about the looks and sleekness of the phone, then they should immediately grab this sexy phone. The phone looks so glossy and charming from the back; the front could’ve better.


Oppo R9 Display Review


Oppo has a 5.5 inch AMOLED display which comes with a resolution of 1920 1080. Oppo R9 relatively outperforms other smartphones of this price point which offers LCD screen instead of OLED.  Watching movies or videos especially in dark rooms is truly impressive on this device. The display of this phone is very sharp just like the Galaxy S7 edge but the viewing angels not good enough when compared to other smartphones which are available in the market in this price range. Also, the color reproduction is also almost similar to GalaxyS7 edge. The device also has an eye protection feature which can be accessed from the drop down menu. The eye protection feature does make the screen somewhat orangy. The display of this phone is totally satisfactory in this price point. The brightness of the screen can go up to 34cd/m which is good enough for sunny days. I am impressed with the display of this phone; it does the job pretty well when compared to other brand phones of this price range.


Oppo R9 Camera Review


Here comes the main thing. The rear camera of this device is a 13-megapixel shooter which captures stunning photos in decent lighting conditions. The colors could’ve better; they are little bit saturated when looked closely. The detailing is exquisite and bright. The autofocus of the back camera is really fast and captures photos pretty fast when compared to other flagship IP devices. Overall it’s quick and produces good pictures. Oppo has improved a lot this time in terms of camera. The previous phones from Oppo were not up to the mark but this time the results are really impressive from the rear camera. The 1080p display resolutions makes it more amazing.


The front camera is of 16v mega pixel, but frankly, there’s no point of having a larger camera which the basic functions are missing. I am really disappointed with the functions of the front camera; it lacks features like high dynamic range. The front camera would be a lot better with wide angle lens; hope Oppo will take care of this in future. It shoots good selfies with a large amount of detailing, and the colors are good especially in good lighting conditions. Again don’t expect much from the front camera.


Oppo R9 Processor Review


Oppo R9 uses a MediaTek p10 processor which we say in few phones nowadays. The octa-core thing sounds like a beast. But the fact is that they are all cortex a53 cores which are not powerful enough. So don’t expect a high-end performance from this device. It’s not a high-end processor, in my opinion, in fact, it’s a mid range processor. But the results were different in gaming from what we expected this device. The gaming was smooth on this device with minor frame drops here and there. The GPU of this device is impressive and performs fairly with heavy and intense graphics games. I am so impressed with the gaming performance of this device; High-end 3d flying games can be played on this device at ultra graphic settings without any lags or issues.


It could be a beast if it had a better processor than mediated p10. Overall the processor isn’t great and disappoints while doing heavy things. My recommendation is not to buy this phone if you are a hardcore user.

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The phone comes with 2850 MAH non-removable battery which is quite disappointing because 2850 is not enough to handle all the cores and processor. Probably the phone will not last long even a day on average usage. Even in airplane mode, the device lasted only 11 hours which is very disappointing. Nowadays most the phones having 3000 Mah batteries. The battery is very disappointing and puts a strong reason for not buying this phone. I am not at all impressed with the battery performance of this phone.


Oppo R9


The design and display are major pros of this device, other than that nothing is impressive on this phone. So think twice before buying this phone as it lacks many basic functions in camera and the main thing battery. I will not recommend this phone to anyone out there, but if you fine with the design which looks like iPhone 6 then go for it.


So that’s for now, hope I covered all the required things in this article, if I missed something or if you have any doubts or questions regarding this phone then feel free to comment it down. And lastly, thanks for reading our article, do share this article with your friends who are thinking to buy Oppo R9. Keep coming back for more reviews of phones.


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