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Things to Note While Purchasing a Power Bank

Things to Note While Purchasing a Power Bank

Before knowing the things to purchase a power bank we should know first what a power bank is and what are the situations when you might have a need of it.

Power Bank

What is a Power Bank

Well a power bank is a device which is used to store energy in them.Consider a situation when you are in a party and some important phone call is coming on your smartphone and also there is no charging device around by available.You feel up screwed right.Well Here is the solution.For you there are a wide variety of power banks available in the market which can charge your mobile device as per your need and specifications.

Pro Tips to Consider While Buying a Power Bank


This is the most important factor while buying a power bank.If you smartphone has a capacity of 2000 mAh and you are buying a power bank of 2500 mAh then you should not expect it to charge it 1 time fully.Wondering Why.First let us understand what is mAh.mAh stands for milli Ampere hours.It is the unit to measure the capacity.

There are various losses involved while charging and transferring the energy to our smartphone.Thats why the power bank gives an average efficiency between 70 to 90 percent.So,if you want to charge your smartphone of 2000 mAh then you should buy a power bank of 3500 mAh or higher so as to expect one time full charging of your smartphone.Try checking top 10 power bank in India


This can be a handy factor while buying a power bank.Portability is very important as you want to buy the power bank which you can take with yourself right.If a power bank is of 10 kg then I think you might not wish to buy that right.So,If you are in party searching for the electrical power slot and unable to find one then portable power bank is a boon for you.
We all need best power bank in india for smartphones 2017 as we all carry smartphones with ourselves in everywhere.Right.
3)Brand and Quality of the Power Bank
If there is no quality mAh of power bank then you might not like it and think of it as a waste.One advice that I will give you here is that you should buy the power bank online only.Dont buy power bank from roadside market because of its cheap price.It might be a waste.

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