Crunchyroll On Lg Smart Tv

How To Install Crunchyroll On LG Smart TV [Best Guide]

If you’ve been a user of Crunchyroll, but want to stream it on your LG Smart TV and don’t know how to go about it, this article tells everything you need to know about Crunchyroll for LG Smart TV. If you’re not a frequent user, but you’ve heard of Crunchyroll and don’t know what it’s about, let’s quickly define it. 

Crunchyroll is an anime streaming app that allows you to stream anime for free. It was launched in 2006 and offers content such as anime and manga, and you can also stream Korean drama, Japanese drama, etc.

The only downside to it is that the video quality is limited to just 480p and the videos are usually disrupted by ads. For Full HD quality streaming and ad-free usage, they have a subscription plan which is between $7.99–$9.99. 

A lot of people might be wondering if there is a version of Crunchyroll for LG Smart TV. Sadly, there isn’t, because Crunchyroll doesn’t have a version for WebOS.

Crunchyroll On Lg Smart Tv
Crunchyroll On LG Smart TV

Asides from that, Crunchyroll is supported for most smartphones, streaming devices, etc.

It’s not advisable for anyone to wait to see if Crunchyroll builds a version suitable for WebOS, as other devices can support Crunchyroll seamlessly.

You might wonder why the developers of Crunchyroll may not want to build a version for it on WebOS. One good reason might be because only a fraction of their users use WebOS, so why should they waste their time building it, when there are other ways to stream it on LG Smart TV effectively? To know these other methods that you can use to stream Crunchyroll on your LG Smart TV, keep reading further.

How to stream Crunchyroll app on LG Smart TV

Method 1

One convenient way of doing this is by casting the Crunchyroll app from your smartphone to your LG Smart TV.

To do this;

  • Install the Crunchyroll app on your smartphone, if you don’t have it already. The app supports both Android and iOS. 
  • Connect smartphone and LG Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  • Run the Crunchyroll app, then sign up/sign in to the app. 
  • Click on the “cast” icon or “airplay” on the Crunchyroll app.
  • Your LG Smart TV will show up there. Click on it and start streaming any anime content of your choice. It will start showing on your LG Smart TV. 

However, note that not all LG Smart TVs support this method.

If your LG Smart TV model does not support screen-casting, you could try one of the other alternative means. 

Method 2

The second method is by activating the “screen-mirroring” feature on the LG Smart TV.

In order to activate this;

  • The first step is by connecting your LG Smart TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Click on the “LG TV Plus” icon to start the app. Set it up using the instructions displayed on the screen, if you haven’t set it up before.
  • After setting up the app, enable the screen-mirroring setting on the LG TV Plus app.
  • Your smartphone’s screen should start displaying on your LG Smart TV after doing this. Launch the Crunchyroll app, click on any anime content of interest and start watching. 

Method 3

In the event that any of these methods did not work for you, you could try installing Crunchyroll using your Firestick device if you have one, or buy one if you don’t.

To install, here are the steps to follow;

  • Connect the Firestick to your LG Smart TV, using the designated port. 
  • After connecting and loading it, use the directional keys on the Firestick remote to go to the tabs on the FireTV homepage. 
  • Click on the “magnifying glass” icon on the tab section, then type in “Crunchyroll”.
  • As an alternative, you can use Alexa to launch the search bar to search for Crunchyroll. 
  • Select “Crunchyroll” on the list of suggestions, and click the option again under “Apps and Games”. Select “download” or “get the app” to begin the download/installation process which could take about 2 minutes or more.
  • After installing, click “open” to launch the Crunchyroll app. You can also launch it from your “Apps and Channels” list on the homepage of FireTV. 
  • Log into your Crunchyroll app or create an account, and start streaming on your LG Smart TV through Firestick.

Additionally, it’s advised to download VPN when using apps on Firestick. This is to avoid getting tracked by 3rd party trackers through your IP address. It’s also to prevent copyright issues from media companies who might sue. Also, using a VPN gains you more access to content that is geo-restricted. 

Some suitable VPNs one can use are; IPVanish, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. Look for a suitable one for your Firestick device, then install, select a subscription and use it when streaming content on your LG Smart TV.

Crunchyroll On Lg Smart Tv
Crunchyroll On LG Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Crunchyroll? 

Answer: Crunchyroll is an anime streaming app that allows you to stream anime, mangas, and other related content for free. 

Is there a Crunchyroll for LG Smart TV? 

Answer: There is currently none, as WebOS (LG Smart TV’s software) does not support Crunchyroll. However, you can use other methods which can be found by reading the tips above. 

Why should I use VPN when streaming on the Crunchyroll app?

Answer: Using VPN is essential to hide your sensitive information from third-party trackers, avoid copyright issues from media companies, and unlock geo-restricted content. 

When will the Crunchyroll version for LG Smart TV be out?

Answer: For now, developers are saying nothing about it, however, if there’s news about it later, we’d be sure to update you!


Crunchyroll is an anime-streaming app, which can be used on a host of devices, which also happen to be supported on LG Smart TV, although the app itself cannot be supported by the Smart TV, which uses the WebOS.

A lot of people prefer this platform, as opposed to other anime-streaming platforms because it offers a wide stream of anime content in different languages. 

Some ways of streaming it indirectly are casting, screen mirroring, and using a Firestick device. 

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