How To Watch Peacock On Samsung Tv

Best Guideline To Watch Peacock on Samsung TV 2022

To watch peacock on Samsung TV, You can cast it onto your TV using Chromecast or Apple TV if you have one. Watching TV is a common pastime in the United States. In 2016, the average American watched over five hours of TV per day. The average person in some European countries watches even more, and this number continues to grow.

The peacock show is a popular TV show in India. It airs on Doordarshan, the national public broadcaster of India. The peacock show is a weekly television broadcast of Indian classical dance and music performances from all over the country.

Peacock On Samsung Tv
Best Guideline To Watch Peacock on Samsung TV 2022 4

TV has been such a major part of American culture that it has become an important part of many people’s lives. Major networks have lost their power, and streaming services have begun to take over. Streaming services like Netflix offer a variety of content with no commercials and at lower prices than cable providers. This combination has led to an increase in demand for streaming services which is good news for Samsung Smart TVs. 

Streaming devices are all the rage these days. One of the most popular streaming devices is the smart TV. Smart TVs are connected to the internet and allow users to access various apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The best part about Samsung smart TVs is that they can be used for entertainment purposes. Nowadays, many people choose to watch shows or movies on their Samsung TVs instead of using traditional cable boxes or satellite dishes because it’s more convenient and cheaper. In this article, we will show you how to set up Peacock on your Samsung TV so you can start watching movies and shows right away.

What is Peacock, And Why Is It Important To Watch?

Peacock is a dance show in India that was started by Zee TV. The show has been on-air for more than a decade. The show features different kinds of dances like jazz, contemporary dance, and hip hop, among others. It is one of the most popular dance shows worldwide because it airs every day at prime time (7 pm). Peacock has many contestants who compete against each other to become a winner of this competition.

Peacock is a TV channel that is currently available in the US and Canada. It was launched in 2017 by NBC Universal and is the first TV channel created specifically for Indian audiences. The network airs original programming, including dramas, comedies, reality series, talk shows, and game shows. Peacock also has an online streaming service called Peacock Now which offers a lot of their content on demand as well as live streaming of their TV channel. 

Peacock is important for the display of the classical Indian music and dance steps it sells to the global audience in an original unadulterated form. In this way, the show and TV also bring other cultures together in the appreciation of creativity in dance and the uniqueness of culture.

What’s The Deal with Watching Peacock on Samsung TV?

The Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular smart televisions on the market today. With its built-in app store, you’ll be able to access the shows and movies you want to watch easily. You may already know that you can use your laptop or phone as a remote to browse through content on your Samsung TV. Samsung TVs are a great way to watch your favourite shows and movies. They come with a variety of features that make the viewing experience more enjoyable, including:

  • The Samsung TV can be set to automatically turn off when you’re not using it, saving energy and lowering your electricity bill.
  • Samsung TVs have a wide range of apps that you can download, including Netflix and YouTube.
  • You can wirelessly connect your phone or laptop to the Samsung TV, so you don’t have to worry about cables.
  • With the Samsung TV, you can watch multiple streaming services in high definition and crystal clear view.

What Kind of Streaming Service Should I Get?

Streaming services are a great way to watch TV shows and movies for free or next to nothing most of the time. But with so many streaming services, it is hard to know which one to choose. We would look at two of the lots that stand out and allow you to choose which one to get.

Netflix: This popular streaming service offers a wide variety of content from original series and classics. However, there is no live TV option available with Netflix; instead, you must choose between watching shows on the day they are aired or waiting until they are added to the libraries of Netflix. Netflix has continued to make strides in producing its original content, which has helped bolster its array of third-party content. 

Amazon Prime Video: Another popular choice among cord-cutters is Amazon Prime Video because it offers free 2-day shipping on all products purchased through its site while also giving users access to streamed music tracks (or audiobooks), movies & TV shows via Amazon Prime Video Channels subscription package.

How To Setup Your Samsung TV For Streaming Services and Apps

Streaming services and apps are available on most modern smart TVs. These let you watch the shows you want to watch when you want to watch them. They’re free to use, but you will need a subscription. The first thing that you’ll need is an active internet connection (e.g., Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable). Then go into your TV’s settings menu and select “Network.” From here, select “Network Settings” and choose either Ethernet or Wi-Fi, depending on which type of connection your TV has available. 

For example: If we choose Ethernet as our preferred method for connecting our device to the internet, then this means that our device must be connected manually every time we want it turned on again; if however, we choose Wifi instead, then there would be no need for manual setup every time since it will be automatically detected each time someone tries using their mobile device inside the range with sufficient signal strength levels being met before service begins working properly without any issues whatsoever (as long as everything else connected properly first).

Once you’re done with all these steps, then go back onto the main screen where once again you need to go into Settings > Network Settings > General Settings tab, after which you scroll down until you get to the bottom where there should now appear another icon titled “Set Up Device Management”: Clicking this button opens up options where users can manage permissions allowing other devices such as laptops running Windows OS versions 7 through 10 along with iPhones running iOS 9 (or newer), Macbook Pros running macOS High Sierra version 10. More on the different steps for connecting your Samsung TV for streaming of Peacock:

  • Open the Peacock app on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Go to the Samsung Smart Hub
  • Select Apps


Click Install (or Open) to download the app onto your Samsung TV. Depending on internet speed and device power, the installation process may take a few minutes. You’ll know when installation has completed when you see “Installed” under Peacock’s name in the App Store list of installed apps on your TV screen. Once installation completes, open (launch) Peacock from the App Store list. Enter your login credentials so that you can start watching Peacock channels live streaming from anywhere in India on your Samsung smart TVs with Samsung Tizen OS installed. 

Select Sign In or Activate

To watch Peacock on your Samsung TV, select Sign In or Activate. Then select Activate Device, and go to in your web browser. Enter the code displayed on your television screen and click Submit to continue watching Peacock on your Samsung TV. 

Activating Your Peacock for Samsung TV Streaming

The next step is to go to Peacock’s website and log in using your TV provider information. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see this screen:

  • Select Activate Device, then go to
  • Enter the code displayed on your television screen, then click Submit
  • You can now watch Peacock on your Samsung TV
  • Enter the code displayed on your television screen and click Submit
  • To watch Peacock on your Samsung TV, enter the code displayed on your television screen and click Submit. You can now watch Peacock on your Samsung TV!
  • You can now watch Peacock on your Samsung TV.

How to Setup Your Samsung TV for Netflix Streaming

To connect your Netflix for streaming on Samsung TV, do these:

  • Connect your TV to the internet by connecting an ethernet cable to the LAN port on your TV or by connecting your Samsung Smart View app to a Wi-Fi network
  • Launch Netflix on your Samsung Smart View app (or through the home screen shortcut for Netflix)
  • Sign in to your Netflix account
  • Select a subscription plan from either Basic or Premium, depending on which plan you have already purchased
  • Then enjoy streaming your Netflix on Samsung TV

How to Setup Your Samsung TV for Hulu Streaming

To connect your Hulu plus to your Samsung TV for streaming, do these:

  • Make sure your Hulu app is up to date, and then you have to sign in to your Hulu account
  • Go to the Hulu app on your Samsung TV and select Sign In or Activate
  • Select Activate Device and enter the code displayed on your television screen by pressing Select Input on the remote control or by typing it manually into an external keyboard connected via USB or Bluetooth® technology (if applicable)
  • You can now watch Hulu on your Samsung TV.

How to Setup Your Samsung TV for YouTube TV Streaming

YouTube TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch live TV and on-demand shows from your favorite networks. You can also use YouTube TV on any device with a screen, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and your Samsung smart TV (and other smart TVs). Here are some tips for setting up YouTube TV on your Samsung Smart TV:

  • Open the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Navigate to Settings > Network > Network Status.
  • Select Ethernet Connection if you have an Ethernet cable plugged into one of your ports or select Wireless Network if you don’t have an Ethernet cable plugged in yet but want to connect wirelessly instead of using an Ethernet cable
  • Then enjoy your YouTube TV on Samsung TV

How to Setup Your Samsung TV for YouTube Kids Streaming

To watch YouTube Kids streaming on your Samsung TV, you first need to set up the YouTube Kids app on your smart TV. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

  • Open the browser on your Samsung TV and go to [] ( in order to access the site for setting up YouTube Kids on your Samsung smart TV
  • Click “Sign In” (or “Sign Up” if you don’t already have a Google account). This will prompt you for information so that Google can verify who owns this particular device and ensure that only people with permission can access it from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi connection or cellular data plan from their respective carriers.

Why You Should Be Using Your Smart TV For Entertainment and Watching Shows Online

Smart TVs have changed the way we view entertainment. They are not only a way to watch TV but also a way to watch streaming services and movies online. These days you can even get Smart TV deals for some of the best brands in the industry. This means that a Smart TV is much more than just a way to watch TV shows and movies on a big screen; it’s also an excellent choice if you want to stream content off of your computer or smartphone onto your TV screen.

As such, many people find themselves using their smart TVs instead of traditional cable boxes or satellite dishes because they offer benefits like no contracts, low monthly fees, and more choices when it comes time to watch television programs online. 

How To Watch Peacock Online With or Without Cable Service

Peacock TV is a cable network that broadcasts a variety of programs. It is available in the United States, Canada, and India. Peacock TV is broadcasted on various channels like NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and USA Network. It also has its own channel where it broadcasts its original content. The Peacock TV app can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices for those who don’t have cable service. Provided you have your internet connection and a smart TV such as Samsung TV or smartphone, and you do not need cable services to watch the Peacock show and TV. 


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With your Smart TV, you can watch all of your favourite shows on the go. All you need is a wireless connection and a device with a screen. We often don’t have time to watch our favourite TV show when it airs. We are too busy doing other things like working or taking care of our kids. But now, with a Smart TV such as the Samsung TV, you can easily catch up on what you missed from home or on the go. 

The best part about watching shows online is that they are less expensive compared to cable services. You don’t need to pay any subscription fees most of the time to be able to enjoy your favourite content. We hope that this article has helped you understand how to watch Peacock on your Samsung Smart TV. As you can see, it’s not very difficult at all. And now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about setting up Peacock on your Samsung TV; we hope that you’ll enjoy the show.

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