MSI Live Update Not Working [Troubleshoot And Fix]

Live Update 6 is a powerful update tool with an easy-to-use interface. It comes with an automatic scanner and downloader for MSI products. Using the LIVE UPDATE service keeps your system in the most up-to-date state possible.

You wouldn’t have to search for drivers on a specific MSI web page if you have LIVE UPDATE 6 installed. 

Your LIVE UPDATE 6 will automatically download the necessary drivers.

However, your internet connection may go completely down, displaying “No Internet Connection” while installing the LIVE UPDATE.

Msi Live Update Not Working [Troubleshoot And Fix]
MSI Live Update Not Working [Troubleshoot And Fix] 5

How to Troubleshoot MSI Live Update 6 No Internet Connection

To fix the issue of no internet connection on Live Update 6, follow these steps.

Method 1

If you were trying to install some updates and got an error message, then here are some ways to fix it.

Run The Troubleshooter For MSI Live Update

To run the troubleshooter for MSI Live Update:

Press Windows key + I to open Settings.

Click on “Update & Security” option.

Method 2

1.Restart your computer:

We know that many of you have already tried this solution, as it is the simplest yet most effective solution for resolving internet problems. 

Make sure you give it a shot. Turn off your computer for a few minutes, then restart it to see if the internet is working again.

2.Check your Modem/Router

Most of the time, the real problem lies in the improper configuration and operation of your internet.

Check your modem to see if it is flashing green lights and the WAN light is illuminated.

3.Look for Malicious Apps

You may not know this, but malicious applications could be navigating your PC while you’re browsing and this could cause problems with internet connection. Make sure your computer is running anti-virus software and that any suspicious apps are uninstalled. You will need this in the long run.

4.Use the built-in troubleshooters on your computer

If your ISP and modem are both operational, your Wi-Fi adaptor could be the source of the problem. It is time to use your PC’s built-in troubleshooter.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Right-click on the network icon in the taskbar and select Properties.

2. Choose ‘Troubleshoot problems.’

3. Locate the Windows automatically in search of network issues.

4. Relocate the problems.

If the identified problem is not resolved, you can at least look them up on the internet to find an immediate solution.

5. Install the driver again

If the built-in troubleshooter and rebooting don’t work, go to the MSI website and download the newly launched driver again. 

After you’ve established an adequate internet connection, reinstall the router. Your issue should be resolved immediately after reinstalling.

When it comes to treating MSI LIVE UPDATE No Internet Connection issues, these steps have been proven to be reliable.

FAQs – How to troubleshoot and fix MSI live update 6 not working

Is MSI Live Update 6 necessary?

Msi Live Update Not Working [Troubleshoot And Fix]
MSI Live Update Not Working [Troubleshoot And Fix] 6

MSI live update is a program that updates all of the motherboard’s MSI drivers and bios. It is undoubtedly unnecessary and can be removed.

How long does it take for MSI live Update to complete?

It usually takes less than a minute… board model is unimportant. The BIOS update for my MSI B350 Mate board took about 15 minutes in my case. My computer eventually rebooted, and the update was successful.

So, instead of panicking if it takes a few minutes, wait until it’s been several hours before attempting a hard reboot.

Method 3

MSI Live Update is a tool provided by MSI to update BIOS, firmware, and drivers for its motherboard.

However, many users reported that MSI Live Update doesn’t work at all on their computers. This can be a serious problem and leave you unable to update your system.

Luckily, there are several solutions available. Here’s how to fix issues related to MSI Live Update not working on Windows 10:

Solution 1 – Reinstall the application

Solution 2 – Disable your antivirus temporarily

Solution 3 – Uninstall MSI Live Update and install it again manually

Solution 4 – Run SFC scan


The MSI Live Update basically makes installing drivers easy for users, but it’s not a necessity and can cause glitching. To troubleshoot, restart your computer, check your Modem, look for suspicious apps and if that doesn’t work, use the inbuilt troubleshooter.

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